Maps and Yellow Pages

Modern maps apps have extended functionalities far beyond traditional paper maps. Traditional paper maps serve few purposes beyond road navigation. Modern maps apps have multiple levels of zoom, detailed location labeling, and additional useful information like customer reviews. It's natural to integrate modern maps apps with yellow pages, that maps also serve as business contacts. The next phase of maps innovation might involve business presence.

The difference between business presence and business contacts is illustrated by Google My Business. Google My Business not only allows companies to post contact information on maps, but also facilitates interactions like reviews and responses, urgent announcements, and usage statistics. Business presence is a huge win for Google Maps.

However, it's also logical to regard Google My Business as merely a crude form of business presence. There is no room for marketing campaigns, detailed profiles, and QA. At present, these features belong to company web sites. While web sites are good, it's a pity that marketing campaigns can not arrive on potential customers' gadgets with push notifications in a timely fashion.

Well-designed business presence in maps apps can further accentuate market engagement and become a valuable asset for every business. It's time to go beyond yellow pages and explore the possibilities of digital presence online.


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